Fitness Training & Stretching

Full Measure Fitness Personal Training

Don’t know what you’re doing in the gym? Need Accountability? Want to get stronger without the need for excessive weight? Want to ensure a complete body and mental workout? Full Measure Fitness wants to help you create long term lasting healthy habits with exercise and eating.

We will meet you at where you’re at and help you build up to what you envision for yourself. Never judgmental and always in your corner for success!

Working with the body and improving the mind one rep at a time!

Daniel Ramos
Daniel Ramos; LMT, NASM CPT

Full Measure Fitness Training Style/Approach

Before anything we go over your history of exercise and fitness. After a consult we will begin an Assessment Workout so your Trainer can see what is working and what is not. From there we construct a plan for your goals in mind and set up a regular meet time in the week depending on how many sessions we have.

Always remember to not get frustrated with anything we do as we challenge the balance system in every workout. We always focus on the functionality of a particular muscle or a group and strengthening that.

Warm Ups are generally balance related or a set of cardio induced jumps, crawls, and maneuvers. Then we begin for the main focus of the workout, towards the end of workout you can cool down with stretches or mini massage for area worked or bothersome area.

Personal Training FAQs

Personal Training is done in your home, at your office, or outside. Pretty much where ever you will feel comfortable. I also have a training studio in Richmond at Hanover Ave and N. Nansemond St. I bring some people that want a more gym type environment.

All you need is the desire to make your goals happen!

Full Measure Fitness will bring all the equipment needed for your workouts. Trainer will arrive 10 mins before your session start just to set up and get ready for the session. Please be sure to have seen your primary care physician before starting a training program.

You are completely valued as client with Full Measure Fitness and will be treated so. We will be completely focused on helping you achieve your goals. If you ever have a question or want some information on a particular subject, Full Measure Fitness will be there to answer! You won’t have to feel weird about anyone watching you, or monthly fees, nor will you feel judged ever. You will receive homework on days you’re not training with your Trainer, be it a home workout, or maybe some stretches to focus on or making sure you watch how you hold your body.

There is no ideal fitness level you need to be at to start, we all start somewhere. For how often is determined on your goals. Ideally 3x a week with your trainer but you can train from 1-5x a week.

Personal Training Prices

All Fitness Training Sessions are 60 minutes.

Private Stretch Coaching– $85.00 Learn how to stretch effectively in this One-on-One Flexibility Experience.

Table Stretch– $95.00 (45 Minute Table Stretch) Kick off your shoes and experience Table Thai Massage to help get your Flexibility journey started.

Table Stretch Package

1x a week (4)- $160.00

2x a week (8)- $280.00

Fitness Training (Done Monthly No CONTRACTS)

Monthly 1x a week (4)- $175.00

Monthly 2x a week (8)- $310.00

Monthly 3x a week (12)- $420.00

Monthly 5x a week (20)- $650.00